Laura Porcelli


Native from Argentina, graduated from Escuela Superior Prilidiano Pueyrredon in Buenos Aires with a graduate degree in art. Since then, she has exhibited her work in Argentina, Brazil, the United States and Canada. Movement and color are the themes always present in Porcelli’s work. Her work is inspired by kinetic art as seen in her use of expressive brush-strokes to reflect the rapid and fleeting movement of light. Porcelli works on large canvas – a format that lends itself well to her esthetic and formal style. The dynamic impact of her paintings comes from her mastery of color and sense of transparency, which creates great luminosity in her works.

In the beginning: “the idea” then the material conception of thought, in the abstract it is a matter of much meditation and concentration, but in turn the need for the abstract image creates the spontaneity of my work.
June Gloom, 2020
  • Escuela Estimulo – Nominated- Buenos Aires, Argentina (1987)
  • Salon de Artes Plasticas de San Isidro – Nominated- Buenos Aires, Argentina (1985)
  • Group Exhibition / Torres-Porcelli – Montreal, Canada (2009)
  • Above the Roots / Galerie-St Ambroise – Montreal, Canada (2007)
  • Mouvement et Lumiere II / Galerie-St Ambroise – Montreal, Canada (2006)
  • Agua / Galerie-St-Ambroise – Montreal, Canada (2006)
  • Mouvement et Lumiere / Galerie Complex du Canal – Montreal, Canada (2005)
  • Nature,Color ,Light / Belgo Building – Montreal,Qc, Canada (2005)
  • Presencias / Agora Gallery SoHo – New York, United States (2004)
  • Agua / Galerie-St-Ambroise – Montreal, Canada (2006)
  • Artes Plásticas Petróleo / Centro de Convenciones BA – Buenos Aires, Argentina (1986)
  • Ary Show / Chapel Art Show – São Paulo, Brazil (2012)
  • Artful Eye Gallery / Artful Eye Gallery – New York, United States (2004)
  • Arte e Vida / Morumbi Galería – São Paulo, Brazil (1991)
  • Individual / Galería Paulo Prado – São Paulo, Brazil (1991)
  • National Art Show / Galería Pacifico – Buenos Aires, Argentina (1986)
  • Estimulo / Escuela Estimulo – Buenos Aires, Argentina (1986)
  • Artistas Latinoamericanos / Asociación Latino Americana – Buenos Aires, Argentina (1985)